Apple’s iOS.

Apple made waves in the smartphone market in 2007 with its very first mobile phone – The iPhone. There were two features at the time that made the iPhone a front-runner in the competitive and evolving smartphone market that was at the time being lead by Nokia, who had a 48% hold on the smartphone market in 2006. The first of these features was the devices touchscreen which replaced the keyboard that many smartphones had at the time, and the second being what I will be studying and discussing further in the coming weeks, is Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS.

The biggest issue for iOS in this current technological age, is its competition – Google’s Android mobile OS, and to a lesser extent Windows Phone. Android in particular, as a free OS for phone manufactures to use, is a definite threat. To combat this, Apple Inc. is going to have to be innovative in how it is improves iOS; how they bring new and useful features to the operating system.

One of the latest additions to iOS - iTunes Radio. Image  Credit:

One of the latest additions to iOS – iTunes Radio. Image Credit:

How Apple as a company uses convergence to further the development of its mobile operating system is integral to its success.

One way in which Apple is integrating its technologies is its creation of a device eco-system. iOS links to online platforms such as iCloud and streaming services through iTunes whilst also syncing with Apple computers.

"Launchpad" feature in Mac's OS X mimics the home screen of iOS on iPad.  Image Credit: Jacob Pittolo

“Launchpad” feature in Mac’s OS X mimics the home screen of iOS on iPad.
Image Credit: Jacob Pittolo

This creation of an ecosystem clearly shows how iOS is already embracing media convergence, with their desktop OS has even taken design queues from iOS. This could be to ease people into using iOS on the desktop, after all rumors about a touch-screen Macbook Air have been abundant online.

It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out, if it does at all, and I look forward to discussing how iOS fits into our new and evolving convergent media landscape for the duration for BCM112.



  1. Really like this! Agree on the competition, im always hearing of the new updates etc with apple as well as others!

  2. Great blog! Agree with the competition, its getting bigger and bigger

    1. Curious to see what comes next!

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