Media Oh-No-Ship

Control of the media has always been a pretty big issue in that it can seriously effect what we as a population are shown and which organisations show what. Obviously, your first instincts would be to say “But… it’s the news… the news wouldn’t lie to me would it? WOULD IT?!” and strictly speaking it wont lie to you, they might just forget to mention one or two things

One of the biggest players in todays media Landscape is Rupert Murdochs News Corp, which is best known for it’s newspaper business. If you’ve read The Daily Telegraph, The Australian, The Courier or the Herald Sun, then you have read one 17.3 Million newspapers that News Corp sells each week – which is 59% of overall newspaper sales per week.  Chuck in papers from Fairfax Media, and you have two companies controlling 84 per-cent of the weekly newspaper sales in Australia.

Daily Telegraph Front Page 2013

What we have to think about now is whether or not that very narrow ownership affects the news you and I might see on any given day. You might remember the most recent federal election, where News Corp and Rupert Murdoch was accused by many – especially the Labor Party – of running an Anti Labor/Pro Tony Abbott campaign across the Australian News Ltd papers, and personally I can’t help but agree – Why an editorial titled “Finally, you now have the chance to kick this mob out” was ever considered front-page worthy I will never know…

These accusations were just fuelled by tweets posted by Murdoch who was tweeting messages of support for Abbott throughout the political campaign.

…as well as during and after the vote…

Good to see the head of News Ltd can proof read though…

This perceived favouritism for Tony Abbott however has arguably continued – shown through the minimal coverage of the “March In March” (This Media Watch story does a pretty good job at explaining everything)  Many Ne
ws Ltd papers had people write in expressing their disappointment at the lack of coverage, and when Media Watch contacted the Daily questionsTelegraph for comment, they turned it into a news story. After seeing the questions asked, I can only think that maybe The Daily Telegraph doesn’t actually understand what questioning is.

Sorry for the ramble, but if what I’ve written about today is any indication, I think it’s pretty clear that who owns what in the media is majorly important to what we see and hear in the media.


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  1. So true JGP988!! This murdochracy that we saw during the 2013 elections was ridiculous! And 84% of the weekly newspapers sales owned by 2 companies is crazy!!! What else are we being fed by these media giants ?

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