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iOS is the base platform for which anyone on a mobile device can be an active participant in sharing and consuming media. Gone are the days of passively consuming media through a newspaper, radio or television. iOS and the continual growth of  online media make it easier than ever for the audience to actively partake, with the ability to share things like photos with not even a click, but a tap.

Social Media Integration on iOS 7 Source: Jacob Pittolo

Social Media Integration on iOS 7
Source: Jacob Pittolo

Audience involvement is where device and media convergence really shines through on the iOS platform. Integration with apps for the operating system such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube etc allow for the instant ability to share, direct from your phone or tablet. Mobile participation online is clearly on the rise, as more and more convergent platforms (like iOS) and devices flood the market, which is very clearly demonstrated through some recent stats that show 78% of Facebooks US visitors were using the social media site from a mobile device. This active participation is something iOS leads the field in, even though it’s not the most used mobile OS.

Apple's Homepage April 2014

Apple’s Homepage April 2014

Apple as a company also tries to foster this idea of being an active user of iOS and it’s devices – their currently online marketing campaign is based around sharing stories with the iPad, and this is a theme that is actually common with many platform creators. Encouraging there users to share with their devices just gets the iOS name out in the public that tiny bit more, even if it’s only a status update that in the timestamp says “sent from Twitter for iPhone”.

Active users of iOS are the ones who get the most out of their device and in doing so help promote the operating system they use – So industry utilising this and joining the bandwagon is what I consider a win-win for the audience and industry.


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