Transmedia Engagement and iOS

Technology is an active participant as a distribution channel that leads to a Transmedia narrative. People write songs, create games, make videos etc that is only seen because of devices such as those that iOS runs on.

“Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.” – Henry Jenkins, 2007

Jenkins description of Transmedia Storytelling leads me to believe that, yes, iOS is indeed quite capable of supplying distribution channels for Transmedia content. This is because of it’s variety of features and how much it is relied on by the consumers using it.

Think about it, iOS gives you the opportunity to find anything you want online, view videos, listen to music and share photos from any iPhone or iPad device to any other device really. Even within apps, the opportunities are ample, with the possibility for game crossovers, or in a recent example, Google Maps letting you catch Pokémon around your nearest city.

All Google really did was place Pokémon Centres and little Pokémon images on the map, setting a goal for the user to find all 150 Pokémon, but this April Fools treat was still insanely popular. Below is the video released by Google explaining the Pokémon treasure hunt.

This is a perfect example of utilising your application for iOS to contribute to a Transmedia narrative. Transmedia on iOS knows almost no bounds – It’s App Store provides the perfect platform for Apps and Games linked to other media.

Screenshot of iOS App Store Credit: Jacob Pittolo

Screenshot of iOS App Store
Credit: Jacob Pittolo

For example, there is a whole array of Star Wars games for iPhone and iPad alone – Not to mention any other merchandise you can purchase for the Star Wars franchise. Jenkin’s view of Transmedia storytelling reflects perfectly in my view, on how iOS’s ability to share a narrative to a wider and arguably more engaged audience.


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