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If you’ve been here before – You’ll know who I am.
Formerly “Communications and Mediocre”, this blog has been refreshed for Spring Session 2014, and you’re lucky enough to get to read all of the insightful posts that will be flowing your way.

I’m Jacob, and I’m a second year Communications and Media Studies student. I decided to major in both Digital Media and Marketing. Don’t do it. Commerce subjects are evil.

So just to make sure I cover everything, here are some fun facts:

  1. I’m from Bega, NSW. Yep. That Bega.
  2. I am super clumsy
  3. Pizza is a food I’ve never grown sick of

See, wasn’t that fun? Feel free to ask me more questions about myself, like how you really want to know me better or you have a spare $400 that you think would be better spent by me over on twitter – @jacobpittolo

Media Space

My media space of choice is media at a festival – an example of which is the below image:


This image is of The Presets performing at Groovin’ The Moo this year. It very clearly reflects how much we like to use our media during things such as Music Festivals to share what sometimes feels like every single moment of their god damn day – something made even more annoying with the advent of Snapchat.

Most of the time, these photos are terrible quality, blurry lights and out of focus musicians. But it’s not really the photo we care about, it’s sharing that we were there. That’s why this is my image of choice for ‘Media Space’. Myself, like many others fall victim to this idea that we need to share every moment, yet it is this ideology that fuels social media. Without it, what would we actually be doing on Facebook, twitter or any other social service?

Think about that so that I don’t have to. Thanks, you’re the best!



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