DIGC202’s here too!

“Sup”. Look at that little tid-bit of phatic conversation (@cl_moore has ‘moore’ where that came from…) So, here we are – A little introduction of sorts for this DIGC202 class. I’m Jacob,  and this is a song a like: I’ll be throwing all kinds things at you this session though my DIGC202 blog posts. Maybe not things like that but hey it’s a good start. I’m pretty happy to do anything that isn’t a research report for this subject, as I have been helping the dudes over at PopUp during the last session. With this subject, there is the possibility to further a smaller project that myself and two others began over in DIGC210 – Dirt Cheap Living (Blog, Facebook) – An interactive online space developed to explore how the internet can be used to encourage young people (usually fresh out of home) to start living a greener lifestyle. Of course, I’m not set on sticking with this – I’m open to working on any kind of Digital Artefact, so let me know what you’re doing and I’ll happily help out by sitting there and probably breaking something. Follow me online too, because you can just ignore it later! @jacobpittolo reddit: user/jgp988


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