Hitting the Cinema

The movies, at least when I was growing up, were an exciting thing to do – From the first movies where you were taken to as a kid, to the movies you try to sneak into because your friends are all 15 but you are not. Movies are often seen as a social gathering, getting people together to share in a story, but going to the movies is more than just the film itself. It’s getting there, choosing your snacks, predicting the ending and whispering jokes in your friend’s ear (hopefully quietly so you don’t get yelled at).

This week we were tasked with going to the movies, and asked it investigate exactly the process we take to get there – From what we were going to see through to the possible midnight snack afterwards. I however didn’t make it to the movies, between working and being completely incompetent with my finances it was nigh on impossible.

Saying this though, reminds me of a question that you have probably heard a lot recently – Does anyone actually go to the cinema anymore? With competition from new online sources, largely illegal torrents, can cinema compete? It’s well know that cinema attendance is on the decline, as you can see from the below statistics from Screen Australia.

Screen Australia Statistics about Cinema Attendance Shows number of visits per year.

Interestingly, it seems that cinema attendance is most popular with young people, with cinema attendance lowering, as the population got older. Part of this could be simply because older people care less and less for the spectacle  of the block busters we are sold by Hollywood, even I am slowly getting over it. I didn’t care at all about the latest Transformers movie… then again, did anyone? Maybe as we get older we become less interested in the feeling of the cinema. I’ll have to ask around..

NB: I couldn’t find much research on the impact of illegal downloads on Cinema attendance, but I do think it has a part to play in its decline.



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