The Internet In The Sky

Something to come out of our ever-growing online culture is the idea of ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Cloud Storage’.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “How can a Cloud hold anything? It’s just a bunch of water vapour.” And you’re right, it is just a bunch of water vapour, but that’s not the cloud I’m talking about.



‘The Cloud’ is a term that put simply means the internet – It’s part of the move to storing all of our information online so that we can access it anytime, anywhere on any device without having to go “Oh, it’s on my computer, I’ll show you when we get home.”

Cloud Storage seems like a brilliant idea, but one thing that many people don’t consider is how they are paying for the storage online. Many companies, like Google, Apple and Amazon offer both free and paid versions of their online storage solutions, which share your information across devices in their little technology ecosystems meaning you have access to all your photos, videos and music wherever you want – How cool! But as I mentioned before, the cost of this is not being taken into account. When using cloud storage, even things like Facebook, we all need to think about the policies those companies have in place, and the security measures that they have in place. Apple in particular is regularly in the spotlight for issues regarding security, with the latest one being the leak of nude photographs of many well known celebrities which Apple claims to be not at fault in, despite the opposing view that their security is actually terrible all-round.

Cloud computing can be a very powerful tool in an age where content is the new product, but if we really want it to work we might have to start thinking about how to keep our files safe and out of the wrong hands.

Shot not figuring that one out.



  1. I love a blog that says “shot not” in it.

    1. Being professional was never really my strong point.

  2. jlrsymonds · · Reply

    Hi jgp988,

    You have effectively transformed this week’s DIGC202 content into an insightful discussion of cloud storage which, I would suggest, many people beyond the course would be quite interested in. Your use of current examples helps to add a sense of immediacy to your blog.

    As it is still an academic blog – although you are blogging in public – perhaps some direct reference to the week’s lecture (with correct citation) would have helped to bolster your argument, and link it back in with the content.

    Altogether though, your blog is quite effective as a standalone piece.

    Embedding a video to explain the concept of Cloud storage was also a good idea, and your text is rich with links to other sources, which will help increase your blog traffic. Well done.

  3. Hi! Great insight. I like the source you’ve included in establishing the topic and then great choice for your example. The recent leak of nude photographs of many well- known celebrities undoubtedly established your arguments well on the relation of cloud computing and online data security. Strongly agree with the drawbacks of online storage security. Despite the internet has provided us endless possibilities in making our life easier, but it also posted risks of internet fraud where people might take advantage on our online data and information.

  4. Great video that really encapsulates the idea of cloud storage – as someone who works in a phone shop with a lot of lovely oldies who like to question ‘this mysterious cloud thing’, I find this a great resource.

    Your discussion of security is thorough, and I love the fact that you touched on the idea that it’s brilliant AND it’s free – not that they necessarily go together. Maybe you could also talk about the industry of paid ‘space’ and how much people are willing to spend when it comes to security and the amount that they can store. Some even spend thousands a year – maybe check this out:

  5. Nice take on this topic. I focused on open v closed so going into the cloud, which is very relevent at the moemnt is great

  6. Fantastic video, very useful source – thanks.

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