The Internet of Things seems like the stupidest name in the world, doesn’t it? Oh, just some things. Okay cool. But, somehow it’s the most apt way to describe the phenomenon. So what is it? Well, Cisco has a pretty neat definition:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet, as defined by technology analysts and visionaries. These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. In other words, when objects can sense and communicate, it changes how and where decisions are made, and who makes them. – Cisco Website

Basically though, it means that things you never thought would have the Internet will eventually have the Internet. “What’s the point of my dishwasher having the Internet?” you say. It might not be your dishwasher, but your fridge for example could inventory what you buy and let you know when you need more milk, or more caviar so you can be all pretentious while you tell everyone about how you just got a stupid fridge that can tweet.

So, as you may have guessed I clearly love the idea…

Whenever I hear about it, I just think “why?”. Just check your fridge for food. And this is what I think will be a big problem with the expansion of The Internet Of Things. It has the potential to essentially replace our memories entirely. Moblie phones are a perfect example. How many phone numbers of people you contact every day do you actually know? I’m going to say maybe 2 tops. Hell, I don’t even remember what names people have in my phone.

I’m sure there are plenty of ‘pros’ to this Internet of Things, but if you tell me your fridge has Wifi I’m going to think you’re a moron.

Feel free to tell my why I’m wrong in the comments!



  1. I can definitely see your point. The Internet of things seems like the lazy option to life. However I like the idea of some things being more of a guilty pleasure. I for one would not be against having LIFX lights that let you turn them on and off, dim and change colour with your phone, because who doesn’t hate having to get up to turn the light off when you’re already in bed? And the idea of having a pointless but mood setting purple-lit room seems pretty fun. Great post and very entertaining!

  2. I also agree with you that we are taking the lazy way out, however this could be very useful towards people who have disabilities or the elderly. I’m definitely for fridges that tell you when your out of food or if something is going off, I guess you could say I’m lazy!

    I think if this were to happen in the not too distant future we need to be careful not to become too attached to our “things” that we forget the important things in life ourselves, like birthdays or phones numbers, or remembering to meet up with your friends not just because “the internet” told you but because you physically remembered. There is definitely a dark side to iot. This is a great post you compared this very well with the fridge!

  3. Great name! I totally understand your point of view, with all these advancements replacing the need for practical application and life skills what will the future hold?
    Even now many people are incapable of doing certain tasks due to the ease technology has given us, but without the development of these skills they are left disadvantaged without it.

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