Oi mate I know you’ve seen it ay.

Thanks to its first introduction on Facebook in mid 2013, our texts and many other posts online more often than not allow you to see when your message has been “seen” by the other guys in the team, girls in the lab or group members who aren’t pulling their weight. I’ve always thought that this almost obsessive need to know if what you’ve said has been read simply adds to peoples already current fears of being ignored. The “seen” feature often in my experience leads to people simply not opening their messages, essentially pausing conversation mid-topic because it would be too much hassle to deal with it in that moment.This “seen” nature of conversation, paired with apparent need for social networks to tell us when people are online means people often expect an instant response.

To prove this, I went to the streets! Well, not quite the streets, but I did do a survey netting a whopping 73 responses. Below is what it found, as well as some choice thoughts from some of those surveyed.

Infographic For seen


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