Media Research is why you buy things

Research is and ‘attempt to discover something’, meaning that Media Research is in its simplest for and attempt to discover something about media. This however is actually a much broader area of study than many realise. It covers all kinds of media, from Comic’s and Mag’s to Broadcast News to studying how different groups consume things such as music. It’s all over the place, so it’s understandable that some of us (including myself) feel a little lost.

Media Research like any research is a process. We need to observe, gather preliminary information (such as a review of current literature or information), formulate some sort of theory, design a way to test that theory and then gather more info to help inform that test. (Lecture content)

In media research, Qualitative research plays a very important role. Yes we still use quantitative data, but many research topics for the media aren’t solely about reach numbers or demographic splits. They are about why as a population particular groups feel one way or another about a certain media entity or action. Media research can have many different outcomes – one example being the use of music to influence purchasing behaviour. Without researching the possibility, we would never have been tricked into buying that pair of jeans that we didn’t really need. We have all these possibilities – a lot can be done if you effectively research and investigate.

Personally I would like to diver further into the field of entertainment journalism, and the direction that news journalism is taking to present itself in more of an ‘entertainment’ light. Websites like Junkee and Pedestrian.TV with their seemingly blasé yet entertaining attitude to headlines and their non-apologetic political postions are likely going to be the focus of my study into the new wave of news journalism. Why do we trust the information on these sites over that on what might be considered more reputable websites like the ABC or The Sydney Morning Herald? (You’ll notice I’ve left The Daily Telegraph out because if I wanted to read shit I would treat my morning dump like a tea-leaf reading session)

As you can see, I clearly have my opinions about news media. Hopefully in researching this further I’ll be able to find a few different ones to help inform my understanding, and I look forward to sharing that with you.


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