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Digital Stories and digital storytelling is a topic that has exploded in recent years, and it’s something I have always found very interesting. My interest was peaked when I got involved, in a way, with digital story telling. You might have heard of a platform called ABC Open. If not, let me give you the low-down. Basically, it’s a way for people in regional areas of Australia to share their local stories, as well as hired “Open Producers” who help tell stories about the local area.

My experience with ABC Open started when I came in contact with the Bega ABC Open producer, and helped out on a few stories she was creating for the site, which at the time was in its BETA stages. It was a launching pad, which threw me and a group of friends into part-taking in the Triple J Road Trip Relay, a project that was designed to help tell stories of the classic Australian road trip from all kinds of perspectives.

This website is a clear example of how we can tell our own stories, and gives people who otherwise might not have a voice a way to tell the story that is important to them, through video, audio or images.

If you are in a regional area (Wollongong is listed, for my uni compadre’s), I highly encourage you to get involved!


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  1. ABC Open is great! I just successfully lost half hour reading all random stories haha

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