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Media Bullying the Community?

I’ve always thought that control of the media and who is in charge was incredibly important for both it’s reliability and its credibility. It’s similar in a way, to how competition in a marketplace, such as cars or groceries is important – without other vendors, we could be charged much more for certain products. It’s […]

The (Public) Feed

When talking about the public sphere, the debate over whether or not it has been degraded by things such as consumerism and tabloid media is the first thing that springs to mind. The most well-known and probably least respected tabloid news programs, A Current Affair and the now partially defunct Today Tonight are often sighted as […]

Media Oh-No-Ship

Control of the media has always been a pretty big issue in that it can seriously effect what we as a population are shown and which organisations show what. Obviously, your first instincts would be to say “But… it’s the news… the news wouldn’t lie to me would it? WOULD IT?!” and strictly speaking it […]

Advertising Under The Radar

Unless you’ve been living offline for the last two weeks, chances are you’ve see the “First Kiss” video. You know, the one where an artist got a bunch of random yet reasonably attractive people to kiss on camera for the first time. Here’s the video, just to refresh your memory. This video was viral online, […]

Blaming the Media

The media has always been sensationalist, whether it be movies with “real sick” fight scenes or the nightly news shoving the one recent murder in your face for 3 months just to suddenly change tact and start screaming “Terrorists!”. The combination of violence in television, film and video games, along with sensationalist news grossly miss-representing […]


Well hey there, how are you? Good? Good! I’m Jacob, and I’m a second year Communication and Media Studies student. I was originally in a Bachelor of Arts, but transferred in spring session of 2013, and as so have not done any of the core BCM subjects – So here I am. I plan on transferring […]