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Interview: Edward Abbott

Ed Abbott is a very recognisable face around the University of Wollongong. If you haven’t seen him at UniBar, then you’ve still probably seen him on the screens around UOW presenting PopUp, or as part of the informative UOW Experience video series, which are designed to help students navigate their time at the university. What […]


The website is a self described “online youth mental health service”. The site is not a clinical service, so there is not any “professional” help so to speak. It does however offer tips, insights, stress management techniques and stories from relatable people and famous faces about mental health issues such as depression. Being an […]

Ethics: It’s just common sense.

Ethics at their very core are “norms for conduct that distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour”. They are a set of values that in theory everyone shares – from the Ten Commandments to something I’m sure we all heard during our childhood, treat others how you wish to be treated. They are something that in the […]

Analysis: Australian Flood Study

The Proceedings from the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems conference in 2011 are an interesting document to look into, and are particularly relevant to some of the topics of discussion in BCM210. This article presents research and results from a study of how people use twitter. In this particular case, the actions of individuals, […]

Media Research is why you buy things

Research is and ‘attempt to discover something’, meaning that Media Research is in its simplest for and attempt to discover something about media. This however is actually a much broader area of study than many realise. It covers all kinds of media, from Comic’s and Mag’s to Broadcast News to studying how different groups consume […]