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Race Representation in Popular Media

How race is represented online and in popular media is something that has become more and more of a discussion point over the last few years. You may have heard of #blackoutday which was a movement online to celebrate the underrepresented black faces across the world. The movement was most popular on twitter and tumblr. […]

Tell me a story

Digital Stories and digital storytelling is a topic that has exploded in recent years, and it’s something I have always found very interesting. My interest was peaked when I got involved, in a way, with digital story telling. You might have heard of a platform called ABC Open. If not, let me give you the […]

NewsLadies and NewsGentlemen

Gender representation in media has always been a talking point, particularly for feminists, many of which argue that women are unfairly represented, or not taken seriously enough in the media. If you need a little proof, you’ll find a multitude of different “[Insert Public Figure] Shuts down interviewer” articles, which detail very clearly incidents of […]

Selfies Shaping online Awareness

The Selfie is something that is criticised over and over as something that promotes vanity and self absorption to the point where a television program about a self obsessed socialite (not Kim K, but nice guess) was created in 2014, titled, you guessed it, Selfie. As you can imagine, there is plenty of opinion about […]