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Gone Phishin’

So last week we talked about hackers for activism, but as we are all well aware, hacking isn’t always used for “good”. Ever had a friend tell you “Hey dude, uh, your email address is sending me like all these virus links”? Just me? Maybe that’s what I get for using Hotmail in 2003. We’ve […]

The Worst WikiLeaks Analogy Ever.

Hacktivisim is a ever growing sector within activism online, and it’s a practice that poses many moral questions for those partaking in it. Is it an ethical practice? You may be aware of some hackers or hacking organisations, such as Wiki Leaks, Anonymous and Edward Snowden. There has been a large amount of debate around […]

Protests: From Online to In Real Life

The Internet has become a place in recent years where many revolutions and viral campaigns, which almost always come about because if the ability for information to be spread so quickly and easily online through social media – After all, twitter is faster than earthquakes. Twitter and Facebook, being populated with so many users, have […]

Aggregate this.

News is moving online, there’s nothing else to it. Newspapers have had to step up their online offerings to compete with new and more targeted news sites such as Junkee and Vice News. News aggregation is something that has grown with the expansion of news sites online, with websites such Reddit and BuzzFeed coming to […]

Open & Closed: Which one?

Open or Closed is one of the biggest debates when it comes to mobile devices and platforms. It is one of the biggest differences you’ll find between Apples iOS and Google’s Android. The interesting thing about this however, is that both try and offer a sort of Walled Garden, one stricter than the other. For […]

The Garden of Apple

“Walled Gardens” is not a term all that many people will understand first up – My mother would probably hate the idea – None of her gardens have walls. In this context however, I am talking about those little safe-havens online where everything “just works” and is in one place for us to play with […]

The Internet In The Sky

Something to come out of our ever-growing online culture is the idea of ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Cloud Storage’. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “How can a Cloud hold anything? It’s just a bunch of water vapour.” And you’re right, it is just a bunch of water vapour, but that’s not the cloud I’m […]