The Selfie is something that is criticised over and over as something that promotes vanity and self absorption to the point where a television program about a self obsessed socialite (not Kim K, but nice guess) was created in 2014, titled, you guessed it, Selfie. As you can imagine, there is plenty of opinion about […]

Research is and ‘attempt to discover something’, meaning that Media Research is in its simplest for and attempt to discover something about media. This however is actually a much broader area of study than many realise. It covers all kinds of media, from Comic’s and Mag’s to Broadcast News to studying how different groups consume […]

Thanks to its first introduction on Facebook in mid 2013, our texts and many other posts online more often than not allow you to see when your message has been “seen” by the other guys in the team, girls in the lab or group members who aren’t pulling their weight. I’ve always thought that this […]

The Internet of Things seems like the stupidest name in the world, doesn’t it? Oh, just some things. Okay cool. But, somehow it’s the most apt way to describe the phenomenon. So what is it? Well, Cisco has a pretty neat definition: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects accessed through […]

So last week we talked about hackers for activism, but as we are all well aware, hacking isn’t always used for “good”. Ever had a friend tell you “Hey dude, uh, your email address is sending me like all these virus links”? Just me? Maybe that’s what I get for using Hotmail in 2003. We’ve […]

Hacktivisim is a ever growing sector within activism online, and it’s a practice that poses many moral questions for those partaking in it. Is it an ethical practice? You may be aware of some hackers or hacking organisations, such as Wiki Leaks, Anonymous and Edward Snowden. There has been a large amount of debate around […]

The Internet has become a place in recent years where many revolutions and viral campaigns, which almost always come about because if the ability for information to be spread so quickly and easily online through social media – After all, twitter is faster than earthquakes. Twitter and Facebook, being populated with so many users, have […]